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  The South African Guide is fast becoming one of the most popular resources for local and international Tourist and business. From Business information, listings, Shopping, Entertainment, Sports to Travel & Tourism in the country, you will find details for anything you might be looking for. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist, The South African Guide will help you find what you are looking for.
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1. Tourism in South Africa


South African Tourism

Travel to South Africa

Airports in South Africa

Accommodation in South Africa

Restaurants in south Africa

Mobile phone operators

Currency in South Africa

South African Foreign Exchange

South African Tourist attraction

Language in South Africa

Entertainment in South Africa

Shopping in South Africa

Banking in South Africa

Security in South Africa

Leisure in South Africa

Explore South Africa

South African Heritage

South African Epic landscapes

Safari in South Africa

Nelson Mandela

Adventure in South Africa

South African beaches

Surfing in South Africa

Hiking in South Africa

8th World Wonders


2. South African Heritage


South African Heritage museums

Robben Island

Cradle of humankind

South African Monuments

South African Culture

Table Mountain

Cape Point
Gauteng Province
Eastern Cape Province
Western Cape Province

Free State Province

Kwazulu Natal
KZN Province
Northern ProvinceNorth West Province
Limpopo Province

Mpumalanga Province

South African Cultural villages

South African music

South African arts


South African Heritage Sites

South African National Flag


3. Doing Business in SA


South African Currency

South African Government legislation

South African Economic environment

Mining in South Africa

South African Platinum Reserves

South African Platinum Production

South African Government developmental goals

Investing in South Africa

Shipping in South Africa

Ports in South Africa

Sea freight in South Africa

Using the Gautrain in South Africa

Social Development in South Africa

South African Home Affairs

South African President

South African Industries

South African Competitive Law

South African Taxes

Black Economic Empowerment

Starting a business

Tax incentives in South Africa


Immigrants in South Africa

South African Rand Performance

South African Current Account


4. South African Economic Sectors


South African Finance and business services

South African Financial Services Sector

Agriculture in South Africa

South African Wholesale and retail trade

Manufacturing in South Africa

South African Imports and exports

South African Revenue Service (SARS)

South African Reserve Bank (SARB)

World Gold Reserve Base

Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA)

Forestry in South Africa

Jobs in South Africa

South African Sector Contribution to GDP

World Platinum Reserves

World Gold Reserves

World Gold Production

Communications in South Africa

Construction in South Africa

Fishing in South Africa

South African Food market


5. South African  Economy


South African Currency

South African Revenue

South African Foreign Direct investments

South African Government Budget

South African Social Welfare

Exchange Rates in South Africa

South African Monetary Policy

 South African Fiscal Policy

 South African Government Privatisation Policy

South African Economic Outlook

South African Government National Planning Commissioner

South African Economic Growth

South African Budget Surplus

Unemployment rate in South Africa


6. Infrastructure in South Africa


Electricity in South Africa

Nuclear Power in South Africa

Petroleum in South Africa

Hydro Power in South Africa

South African Commercial Wind Farm

South African Natural Gas

Biofuel in South Africa

South African Post Office

South African Railways

South African Transport

South African Roads

Water in South Africa

South African Media

Magazines in South Africa

South African Books

South African Television Stations

South African Broadcasting Corporation

South African Radio Stations

Research in South Africa

Schools in South Africa


7. South African Labour Market


South Africa's labour market

South African Labour Legislation and Policy

Commission fro the Conciliation, mediation and arbitration (CCMA)

South African Regulating labour relations

South African Commission for employment equity

South African Employment Conditions Commission

South African Department of Labour

South African National Productivity Institute

South African National Skills Authority

South African Unemployment Insurance Board

South African Basic Conditions of Employment

Employment Equity

South African Statistics


8. South African History


South African History

Great Trek

The Colony of Natal


The Second Anglo Boer War

Discovery of Diamonds and Gold in South Africa

World War 1

Racial Concentration and Homelands in South Africa

The Sharpville Massacre

June sixteen (June16)

Steve Biko

FW De Klerk

Thabo Mbeki

Jacob Zuma

Human Origin

O R Tambo

Chris Hani

Robert Sobukwe

Soweto Uprising

Albert Luthuli

Desmond Tutu


9. South African People


South African Population by Race

South African Population by Religion

South African Population by Language

South African Population by Province
Rainbow Nation


10. Helpful tips for travellers


South African Customs

Alcohol consumption in South Africa

Smoking in South Africa

South African Lingo


11. South African Annual Events


Entertainment in South Africa

Golf in South Africa

Shopping Centres in South Africa

Golf Courses in South Africa

South African wine farms

Outdoor activities in South Africa

South African Health and Beauty Spas

South African Parks and Game Reserves


12. South African Sports


Football in South Africa

Swimming in South Africa

South African Rugby

South African Cricket

Surfing in South African

South African Tennis

Athletics South Africa

Cycling in South Africa

 South African Boxing

Sailing in South Africa

Canoeing in South Africa

Horse Riding in South Africa

Bird watching in South Africa


13. Social Services in South Africa


Education in South Africa

Health in South Africa

Housing in South Africa

Human Settlement in South Africa

South African Social Welfare

HIV/ AIDS in South Africa

South African Department of Social Development

South African Department of Health

South African Department of Justice

South African Police Services


14. South African Politics


African National Congress (ANC)

Democratic Alliance (DA)

Congress of the People (COPE)

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)

United Democratic Movement (UDM)

African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP)

Hellen Zille

Lindiwe Mazibuko

Winnie Madikizela Mandela

Ramphele Mamphela


15. Entertainment in South Africa




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